“Jordana Lorraine Kotlus has been doing my extensions for two years now and I couldn't be more pleased. I receive frequent compliments on my hair, and each time, the person is shocked when I admit to the extensions. Jordana is a perfectionist and is very talented in all the skills required for flawless extensions....She does an excellent job matching hair color, precisely placing the extensions without being visible, and finally cutting and styling to perfection. Jordana is also certified in different extension bonding techniques to suit your needs. I actually have a combination of two different bonds. Believe me, when I walk out of the salon, I feel amazing! Thanks Jordana!”

Real Deal Extensions

                                Review of the video as seen here on

 “If you are looking for the best REAL DEAL hair extensions or just a

beautiful customized piece for the night - then go to Jordana Lorraine.

This video has garnered tons of hits and questions and inquiries and copycats. Why? Because every girl wants to know how Angelina, Gwyneth, Reese, and many other   Hollywood beauties maintain their beautiful, long, thick locks.  Well, they don't.

They get real deal extensions as seen in this video.”

“I watched her prepare for an extension client and I thought she was very organized and meticulous.

As a hairstylist myself I have worked with over 35 hairdressers and have seen many of them do extension work.  I've had my extensions done about 5 different times and I can honestly say that Jordana Lorraine is a perfectionist and does the best work I have ever seen.  My hair has never looked so perfect and no one can tell I have them in. I Can put them in a ponytail, wash them like normal and my boyfriend has even run his fingers through my hair and not noticed (he forgets) .

Thanks to Jordana, my confidence is back and I can go back to feeling good about myself.”

“HOLY COW!!!  My frizzy, unruly hair was the bane of my beauty existence until Jordana told me about some Brazilian miracle that had made her own life much easier.  Seriously, it sounds silly to say that a hair product has changed my life...but it’s totally true!  I am simply stunned and absolutely addicted! ”

Jordana has been doing my hair for years and her cuts are amazing, my layers are always looking perfect and people stop me all the time to ask who does my hair and I send them to Jordana, she’s a GENIUS.  She's also brilliant with color.  Tough to say if she’s better at cuts or color because she is fantastic with both.  She definitely has an artist’s eye.

The salon is wonderful too, everyone is friendly and nice to you, even if you aren't their client, not to mention they carry the latest and greatest products too.  Dino Clark is a hip, trendy salon without the pretentious attitude.  At Dino Clark I actually ENJOY getting my hair done.

Jordana has done my hair for 15 years and I have followed her to every salon. I can't speak highly enough of her skill as a stylist and she is such a wonderful person to boot! She does amazing haircuts and we are at a point where I just let her do what she likes and I always love it. I actually live in the Bay Area and fly back to LA just so she can cut my hair. Friends and colleagues always ask me where I get my haircut because Jordana's work speaks for itself. I really appreciate that she makes sure my cuts last at least 4-6 months until I get to see her next.

The salon is nice and vibrant and everyone seems to get along there.  The receptionists are friendly and all the stylist  seem to take great interest in each other's work.

“i have NEVER had more compliments on my hair. i love my layers and color. THANK YOU!”

“I FRIGGEN LOVE MY HAIR” (how could this simple, direct and enthusiastic one be left out?!)

“Jordana is one of the most conscientious hair stylists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Not only is she highly skilled at what she is doing, but she is also extremely professional.  She cares about what her clients think, and is committed to delivering nothing short of the very best.  I am excited to have finally found a stylist who listens and take her time to address my individual needs.  Thank you so much, Jordana!” (Brazilian Blowout client)

"Over the years I have tried many different products and treatments to try and get my curly hair straight. Not only is my hair very curly but it is often hard to manage on a daily basis. I have tried the Japanese straightening two to three times in the past. First of all this treatment is very expensive. It can range anywhere from $400-$600 dollars, probably even more in some cases. Also it is a very lengthy treatment. It usually takes about 4-5 hours and can be longer depending on the hair. The end result does give you straighter hair. However since it is permanent and changes the hair structure it is very damaging. I noticed many split ends and my hair looked lifeless and almost dull looking. At the time I did not really care because I just wanted my hair to be straight. However when I heard about the Brazilian Blowout I had to try it. It is less expensive and extremely less time consuming. Instead of 4-5 hours it took less than 2 hours to complete. I noticed that my hair was not dull and stick straight, but had body and volume to it while still looking straight. The day after my treatment I washed my hair and put no product in it. After it dried it looked exactly the same as when the treatment was first done! It is amazing. From now on I will only do a Brazilian blowout and the best part is I don't have to worry about damaging my hair. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain for girls who have dealt with curly and unmanageable hair their whole life!"

The hair is a hit! My bf loves it and so do I...You are a genius with those scissors…I look at the tousled photo of Jessica simpson I sent you and say, “wow…it’s just like the picture.”

See you soon and thanks again!

I love how my hair was completely impervious to the heat and humidity today. Jordana Lorraine is a miracle worker, ladies! Stop fighting with your hair! Book an appointment today!

Wow, a night out in the damp beach air and no frizz or "big hair"!  I love it.  Woke up this morning and didn't have to do a thing....hooray!

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my hair and how you truly have changed my life. I continue to receive so many compliments…I’m the envy of the office!  It’s crazy...when I did my own hair, it remained de-frizzed & manageable I was sold. Love the cut too!”

(8 weeks later) “I continue to sing your praises my dear. You are my very own magician. I still love my blow-out and can’t believe I continue to have beautiful hair. I also love the cut – Having my hair cut in Beverly Hills for 10 years now and your cut has been the very best so far...Thank you Thank you Thank you …. You changed my life.”


“My girl Jordana has done it again! Every time I get in a rut with my hair, she makes another great suggestion. I guess she really does know me after 8+ years. We had been highlighting for a while, but with the change in weather I wanted to change too. I confess, Jordana Lorraine Kotlus is my hair hero :)”

“I only get my haircut a couple times a year and sometimes I color it myself. But this time I had Jordana color and cut it on a co-worker's recommendation. I am a convert! Maybe I kept doing it myself because I never had it done RIGHT before. She was honest and straight-forward about what I needed to do to make it look great. She told me what I would have to do to maintain it, and was willing to work with my limits, like I don't want to have to come back every month with roots. Long story short, my grey is gone, my shine is back and my highlights aren't streaky. Thank Goodness!”

“I have always envied those women who would wear streaks that are all fun and funky.  But what if I don’t like them?  Will it fry my hair to bleach them back out?  A friend told me I could put black, red, or any other kind of fun streaks in without using color, by using extensions.  She is a redhead who has clip-in blonde streaks, so she can look normal for work or wild to go out.  She told me about Jordana so I tried blue streaks-WOW!  What a rush!  And when I was ‘over them’, she just popped them right out.  So very cool!”

“I had extensions before that always looked fake.  I thought they looked good at the time but when I saw my friend’s new ones I was really surprised--I wouldn’t even have known they weren’t real if I didn’t know her!  I pledged that I would go to her extension person next time and boy am I glad I did!  people noticed...they thought my own hair had grown out and were so happy I’d gotten rid of my yucky extensions.  Hahaha, my little secret!”

“For nearly 20 years I have suffered from trichotillomania, an impulse-control disorder that causes people to habitually pull out their hair, which resulted in embarrassing bald spots on my scalp that were cumbersome to hide.  With customized hair extensions, Jordana devised a solution that not only naturally and comfortably concealed my bald spots, but also helped me on the road to gaining control over my disorder since the pieces covered the areas I am most prone to pulling.  Jordana took great care to be discreet and to highly personalize her service, coloring and sizing the pieces perfectly to blend with my natural hair.  Since I began working with Jordana 4 months ago, my bald spots have completely filled in and I feel more confident about my hair than I have in 20 years.”

“I was so excited to have pink hair!  Jordana reminded me that bleaching is hard on the hair, and bright colors like that can fade out quickly and stain your clothes. I was bummed until she told me she could do it with extensions.   That was it was fast, easy, and gone when my whim was!  Always thinking of something new...that’s Jordana!”